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We are a specialist Kruger safari operator. We conduct our own safaris in the Kruger. Neil Heron is a qualified trails ranger and field guide. He has his own open game viewing vehicle and is famous for his incredible insigh




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The Kruger National Park The Kruger National Park in South Africa is a vast, protected natural space – about 35 000 Km2 with a 111 year history of being the best wildlife viewing area in Africa.

There are about 24 rest camps in the Kruger National Park – dotted around a 500km journey from south to north and about 80kms wide. Yes, huge! Each rest camp has its own style, landscape and vegetation structure, which means that depending on where you are in the Kruger, you will often drive through different landscapes like wooded savanna, open plains, shrub dominated and riverside landscapes. The Kruger National Park is by far the most comprehensive and enviable journey into the African bush that any visitor will ever have.

The Bearded Heron Safaris itinerary that you have enquired for is designed to maximize your experience in the Kruger by including the services of a professional ranger, open game viewing vehicle and the very best accommodation options in the Kruger.

1. A private family safari – This package includes child-friendly accommodation and meals, and is designed to allow your children every opportunity to enjoy the thrill of game drives on open-sided safari vehicles, and enough space and time to run around the rest camp and expend some energy with Mom and Dad between game drives. Your guide and chef take responsibility for ensuring that you and your family can relax and enjoy the five star hosting, treatment and meals.
2. Limited small group – private safari – This itinerary is unique to Bearded Heron Safaris and can be a 4- to10-day exclusive experience of the Kruger National Park. It includes the most private and exclusive accommodation, the professional and exclusive services of your guide and chef, and because Bearded Heron Safaris has been the only company conducting these safari itineraries out of the ‘not so well known’ but highly sought after bushveld lodges inside the Kruger National Park – we offer exclusive adventure walks and exclusive game drives often in areas that are limited for lodge residents – and not the general public.
3. Limited small group safaris – This itinerary can be a tailor-made 4 – 10 day safari, limited to 12 people sharing, and conducted out of the traditional rest camps of the Kruger. The difference between Bearded Heron Safaris and other operators is that we avoid the busier places, book the very best accommodation in the various rest camps, and of course, provide exclusive and professional tour party hospitality and services by your guide.


Bearded Heron Safaris exclusive guiding and hospitality
We are not about ticking off the big 5 and racing past the rest – our respect and dedication to the protection of the Kruger National Park, and our commitment to providing you with a comprehensive experience of being with the animals – watching their behaviour, their social interactions, and sharing our knowledge of the nature of things is only made possible because we conduct these safaris as exclusive and limited group safari itineraries. We are not controlled by radios, mealtimes and schedules.

Besides being an exciting educational adventure with close up experiences of Africa’s wild animals – being on safari with Bearded Heron Safaris is also about sharing your time with dedicated professionals and not merely going on a game drive or bush walk like so many other packages. Our safaris in the Kruger NP are about giving you exclusive attention, hospitality and experiences with wildlife.

A small group experience of the Kruger National Park is exactly what other travelers to the Kruger miss out on.

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