Azores Whale Watching TERRA AZUL

São Miguel Island, Região Autónoma dos Açores, Portugal

Join an exciting Marine Wildlife Expedition in the company of Marine Biologists, Naturalist Wildlife Guides and expert Conservation Evangelists, to see and learn more about the Whales, Dolphins, and the best-kept secrets of sea life in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

Based at the Marina of Vila Franca do Campo, TERRA AZUL is a 15+ years experienced Tour Operator, providing Whale Watching and Swimming with Dolphins, authentic and interactive educational tourism experiences with marine wildlife.

Established since March 2000, TERRA AZUL has deep rooting to the culture of the Azores Islands, inheriting past azorean whaling traditional techniques for spotting whales, and have since rebuilt their own authentic whaling watch and whaling boat, both now serving culture and education in leisure.

TERRA AZUL is also a proud founder, privately sponsors, and daily contributes to the main scientific Cetacean Conservation & Research project in the Azores Islands with data collected from every outing.

All equipment is professional graded, staff is multinational and friendly, accredited and experienced, and committed to actively contribute, and evangelize wildlife conservation research & education.





Azores Whale Watching & Islet Boat Tour

Join an exciting Marine Wildlife Expedition in the company of professional Marine Biologists, Naturalist Wildlife Guides and expert...   read more
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Is is always possible to see Whales on tour? No. Although in the Azores Islands there are 4 resident species from 24 sighted yearlong, and we registered a 98% sighting chance on average 3 species per tour, as in any wildlife tour, it is not possible in any way to guarantee that you will see specifically Whales, or any other specimen at a specific time frame.

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From Ponta Delgada town center by auto, head East along the coast and follow the directions till you get to Vila Franca do Campo.

Once in Vila Franca do Campo, descend towards sea level and the Marina where our Base and Boats are stationed.

Mailing address
Marina of Vila Franca do Campo, 4,
São Miguel Island
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State / Region
Região Autónoma dos Açores

Latitude: 37.715793
Longitude: -25.429659