How Kumutu works for adventure operators?

Kumutu's goal is to help bridge the gap between adventure enthusiasts and activity operators across the globe. To do this we have developed a unique adventure Global Distribution System (GDS) that enables us to share our operators' information with, and sell their activities via partners across the globe.

3 steps to creating a Kumutu profile and distributing your activities via our GDS.

Step 1.

Adventure operators Sign Up to Kumutu, create your unique online profile and add your adventure activities.

How we work

How we work

Step 2.

Once vetted, your profile will be published on and your activities will be distributed via our Global Distribution System (GDS) to our affiliates and travel partners.

How we work

Step 3.

Millions of potential customers are now able to view and book your activities via and through our affiliates and travel partners.

How we work

Consumers can view your bookable activities on

How does Kumutu make money?

A booking system is in development. Once complete, Kumutu will receive commissions on bookings at a flat 10% rate which is lower than industry average.

As a reminder, there are no hidden fees and bookings will be handled in an automated fashion by Kumutu. You will not have to worry about working with other third-party distributers

For more information on how Kumutu operates, please see our pricing options or our Terms and Conditions for Suppliers

So, if Kumutu is right for your adventure operation then join us now >