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Apartado Numero 69, Chinandega, Chinandega, Nicaragua

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The Estero Padre Ramos Nature Reserve is located 115 miles (185 kilometers) from Managua, on the Pacific North Coast of Nicaragua. There are many ways to get from Managua to Padre Ramos, depending on your travel plans, budget, and time constraints. Please contact us at Ibis if you need any advice in planning your trip!

*Pacific Coast Tours: Transportation is included on all of our 7-day and 5-day adventures.

*Private Transportation: Rent a car at the airport. Or take a taxi from Managua to Leon (Cost $50, 1.5 hours). In Leon, we can arrange private transportation to Padre Ramos (Cost $70, 3 hours) for you, your friends or family. Just call ahead so that we can make all the arrangements.

*Public Transportation: Take a taxi from the airport in Managua to UCA, the University of Central America (Cost $5). Take a microbus from UCA to Leon (Cost $2, 1.5 hours). Take a bus or microbus from Leon to Chinandega (Cost $1, 1.5 hours). In Chinandega, take a bike or taxi from El Bisne bus station to El Mercadito bus station (Cost $0.50-$1). Buses leave from El Mercadito to Padre Ramos at 6:45am, 9:45am, 11:15am, 2:45pm, and 4:15pm (Cost $1, 1.5-2 hours). Get off at the Pulperia Tina Mata, and ask the friendly owners for directions.

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