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Looking for the BEST New Zealand skydiving experience? Come and see the friendly team at Freefall Skydive – we’ve got a great range of options and packages for you to choose from – you’ll leave us feeling energised, invigorated and wanting MORE!

Whats the Deal?

Once you’ve made the decision to jump from our aeroplane – we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll be given a full run down on what’s going to happen, all the safety tips and everything else you need to know. Then its time to take to the skies – taking in the stunning Taupo scenery as you climb to your desired altitude, and then its 3…2…1 JUMP!

Your Skydiving Options

We’ve got heaps of different options for you – you can choose to jump from 12,000 or 15,000 feet and for those wanting the whole kit and kaboodle – we’ve got some fantastic packages on offer. We are the ONLY company in Taupo to offer Personalised Freefall DVD – meaning the footage is just of you. With all this and so much more including FREE courtesy pick up and drop off from your accommodation in Taupo, funky t-shirts and hoodies, excellent safety record and friendly international team …... come and check us out!!!!




Freefall Skydive - 12,000 feet tandem skydive

This tandem skydive allows you to experience the unbelievable thrill of freefall! Attached to a professional, all you have to do is enjoy...   read more
Best rate guarantee


Freefall Skydive - 15,000 feet tandem skydive

This tandem skydive allows you to experience the unbelievable thrill of freefall! Attached to a professional, all you have to do is enjoy...   read more
Best rate guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

What weather conditions prevent me from skydiving? –

Skydiving is a weather dependent activity and due to the fact that our weather can change very quickly we will only confirm your jump half an hour before your booking time. Generally speaking we are unable to jump in low cloud, rain or high winds. You don’t pay for your skydive until after you have jumped so if we do need to postpone your skydive we don’t have to worry about refunds.

What should I wear? –

Comfortable clothing and closed shoes are best (trainers rather than hiking boots). We provide you with a jumpsuit. For the winter months we do have gloves available for your use however if you have your own I would recommend bringing them. Wear layers suitable to the weather – remember you lose one degree for every thousand feet your climb making those winter days a little chilly!

*What if I wear contact lenses or glasses? *

No problem at all, you need to be able to see where you are going! Contact lenses can be worn under your goggles and for the glasses we have slightly larger goggles which fit snugly over the top

*Can I bring spectators? *

Absolutely. The beauty about our drop zone is that it all happens at the same place and so your friends / family will be able to see you board the aircraft and will then be able to watch you land. We have picnic tables and free internet for their entertainment.

What do I need to bring?

Not much really, just yourself and a smile. We provide you with a jumpsuit, hat and goggles (and gloves for the winter months). You will need to wear shoes that will stay on your feet. In winter you’ll need to wear warm clothes – layers are best!

Can I take my camera in the plane with me?

For safety reasons you are unable to take anything in the plane with you. Cameras can easily be dropped in freefall and could possibly land on a car travelling down the highway or another passenger already under canopy. The best way of getting photos of your skydive is to purchase our personalised freefall dvd and photo package (link to dvd and photo page) *
Can I go in the plane if I’m not jumping? *

Again for safety reasons the answer is no. Everyone in the plane has to have a parachute – and that includes the pilot. We have a great area on the ground where you can spectate.

Should I eat before I jump?

Just eat normally! Skydiving shouldn’t make you feel sick.

Do you know what the weather will be doing tomorrow, next week?

Taupo has its own micro climate where we can be surrounded by rain and clouds but have glorious sunshine above. We will not confirm your booking until half hour before your booking time as our weather can change very quickly. Just because the ‘weather man’ says its going to rain it doesn’t mean it will! Remember weather in New Zealand can change very quickly!!

What if the weather is bad? *

If the weather is bad when you phone to confirm your jump we will re schedule you for another time later that day or the next day depending on your schedule, as we cant jump in bad weather. We will give you a choice of times that we have available and you can let us know which one suits your schedule. You will then need to ring us half hour prior to your new booking time to confirm the jump.

What sort of weather effects tandem skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is very weather dependent and cannot be undertaken in strong winds, or total cloud cover. New Zealand weather can change very quickly so we ask that you phone us 30 minutes prior to your booking time to confirm your skydive.

Can we all jump at the same time?

We can jump up to 7 of you at a time, depending on how many of you purchase the Freefall DVD option as your cameramen take up seats too! Wherever possible we try to keep you with your friends and family – we can discuss this with your further when you arrive for your jump.

*How much can I see? *

LOTS – especially if you jump from 15,000 feet as on a clear day you can see both sides of the North Island from Napier through to Mount Taranaki. Even from 12,000 feet the views are spectacular with breath taking views of the Tongariro National Park (including Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings) and the Great Lake Taupo which is larger than Singapore!!! – You just need to keep your eyes open!

*Is it cold? *

In Winter time its definitely a little ‘fresh’ so we recommend wearing lots of layers. We provide you with gloves but if you have your own you are welcome to wear them. You don’t tend to notice the cold too much as you have other things to think about but you do need to dress according to the conditions.

*What does Freefall feel like? *

You would expect to feel like you are falling but you don’t!!!! You have no depth perception over 5,000 feet so all the time you are in freefall you just feeling like you are floating on a big cushion of air! That’s why going higher is no scarier its just more fun!

*How long is the freefall? *

That depends on what height you jump from –

12,000 feet – (3,650 metres) – 45 seconds
15,000 feet – (4,.575 metres) – 60 seconds

*What about the landing? Will it hurt? *

Not at all it’s a very soft landing. Our parachutes are designed for tandems and so are very easy to steer and slow down ready for landing. Depending on the conditions you may slide into land on your bottom or you may land standing up. If you have knee of leg injuries there should be no issue – just make sure you tell your instructor and they can adjust your landing accordingly.

*What happens if I decide not to jump? *

Don’t worry – you will jump!!! It is very rare that people don’t. If you decide whilst still on the ground that you don’t wish to skydive then that’s fine. If you are in the plane then there will be no refund – Im sorry (so what a good reason to jump!)

*Has anyone been hurt? Has anyone died? *

No one has died! Freefall Skydive has an excellent safety record. We have an experienced team who’s mission is to make your experience with us as safe and memorable as possible. We use the latest parachute equipment which is well maintained and are members of the NZPIA regulatory body

*Can we both be filmed at the same time? *

Unfortunately not! Its impossible for our cameramen to film anyone other than you in Freefall. You jump out at 10 second intervals travelling at over 200 km/ph!

*Is your question not here? *
If you have a question which has not been answered above then please contact us on or 0800 373 335 and we will endeavour to get an answer for you

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Located 8km’s South of Taupo town centre.

Turn into the airport and take the first road on the right, our hangar is the first one you will come to, painted orange and yellow!

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