The Amazing Algarve Coast

Cycling (road) in Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal

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In Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal

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Guided or Self-Guided

«« The Amazing Algarve Coast »»

Tour Highlights
1. Thousands of orange trees in the fields
2. Ria... Show more

Guided or Self-Guided

«« The Amazing Algarve Coast »»

Tour Highlights
1. Thousands of orange trees in the fields
2. Ria Formosa, sand and water paradise for birds
3. Tasty fresh fish of the Atlantic Coast
4. Vast fields of vegetable crops
5. Tavira – the most typical town in the Algarve
6. The limpid and clear water of the sea and the birds
7. Cape S. Vicente – the birds and the sunset into the Atlantic Ocean
8. Sagres – the south-westernmost point of Continental Europe
9. The gorgeous beaches and beautiful coast of the Algarve region
10. Lagos – the cosmopolitan and the oldest town in the Algarve

This is a landscape tour that takes place along the south coast of Portugal. You will start in Sagres, which is the place from where our brave forefathers sailed on their caravels seeking new peoples and continents. Cape S. Vicente is the start point, the south-westernmost point in Continental Europe – the place where the land ends and the sea begins. And you will always ride eastwards towards the Spanish border. You will visit some of the beaches of our famous Algarve including the cosmopolitan city of Lagos. This is one of the oldest towns in the Algarve. We can still see evidence of the wall surrounding the town for protection. Lagos also has an old fort and its former Slave Market is now an art gallery. You will ride along the world-famous Algarve coast where you can see some amazing Golf resorts and very beautiful beaches. You will visit Albufeira and Vilamoura, very fancy touristic places, the old quarters in Faro (the city capital of the Algarve), the typical city of Tavira with Moorish influence with its countless buildings and monuments and the amazing Roman bridge over Gilão river in the historic centre. You will ride along the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, a lagoon system that extends itself over 60km of coast and which is a passing area for the migrating fauna from Europe to North of Africa and it is also the “winter resort” for many birds from North and Central Europe. The tour ends in Vila Real Santo Antonio at the border line with Spain. You will notice the differences along the Algarve region: the centre is very developed for tourism and the west and the east still maintain many evidences of the old Portuguese ways and traditions.

Technical Data
Type: Hybrid Bike Tour
Version: Guided or Self-Guided
Region of Portugal: Algarve (coast)
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights / 5 days cycling
Begin: Sagres (Algarve)
End: Vila Real de Santo António (Algarve)
Difficulty level (1-5): 1 2 3 4 5 ( Beginner/Intermediate)
Distance: 240km (149mi)
Average: 48km/day (37mi/day)
Trails: 72% asphalt – 28% off-road

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7 days



We provide transfers from and to Lisbon airport to the starting point of the PortugalBike tour, or from and to Faro airport, depending on the tour. Don’t worry! :)

State / Region
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38.7070186 -9.1362056


Day 1: Arrival – Welcome at Faro airport. 1H30 drive to Sagres followed by dinner. Lodging in a 4* new hotel with swimming-pool, surrounded by stunning deserted beaches and the wild nature of an unforgettable beauty.
Day 2: The wild Algarve Coast – 53km (33mi), level 3 (+ Beach). Lodging in a 4* hotel with swimming-pool, that epitomises the Algarve culture, with blue and white corridors which link the rooms, patios, restaurants and bar.
Day 3: The famous beaches in the west of the Algarve – 59km (37mi), level 3 (+ Beach). Lodging in a 4* hotel very near to the beach.
Day 4: The most known city in the Algarve and the Golf courses – 50km (31mi), level 3 (+ Beach). Lodging in a 4* hotel located down town, near the historical and commercial centre in Faro.
Day 5: The birds and the Ria Formosa Natural Park – 42km (26mi), level 2. Visit to tuna fishing museum. Lodging in a 4* Eco-hotel whose building was once a typical old tuna fish market.
Day 6: Riding eastwards towards Spain – 36km (22mi), level 2 (+ Beach). Lodging in a 4* hotel only 50m away from the beach.
Day 7: Departure – Farewell at Faro airport. 1H00 drive to the airport.

Dates and Prices for 2011:
March 13 – 19:
Guided: Euro 2100 (Single Suppl. + € 140)
Self-Guided: Euro 1540 (Single Suppl. + € 140)
April 17 – 23:
Guided: Euro 2180 (Single Suppl. + € 190)
Self-Guided: Euro 1620 (Single Suppl. + € 190)
October 09 – 15:
Guided: Euro 2160 (Single Suppl. + € 180)
Self-Guided: Euro 1600 (Single Suppl. + € 180)

=> Prices per person, double bedroom occupancy, 4* quality Hotel.
=> If you want a different date, ask us about prices and availability.


The price includes: – 7-day Hybrid Bike Tour with a Guide (*) – Hybrid Bike rental with helmet – Transfers from and to Faro Airport – Accommodations (6 nights): 6 four* Hotels.
Double bedroom occupancy – 6 Breakfasts – 5 nourishing and energetic picnics (*) – 6 Dinners (including our famous wines, our amazing cheeses and lovely desserts) (*) – Daily energy-bars and water (*) – Luggage transport from Hotel to Hotel – Documentation about PortugalBike Tour – Liability Insurance – Personal Accident Insurance – Techno-Mechanical Assistance – First-Aid assistance on location – Permanent Backup Vehicle (*) – Visit to tuna fishing museum

  • Not included in Self-Guided Tours*

Cancellation policy

If cancelled up to 14 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged. If cancelled later or in case of no-show, the entire activity price may be charged.

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