Connect to Kumutu

The Kumutu API allows you to interact and "sync" with our suppliers from your own web sites and applications. Technical documentation is available in our API Methods section.

What can you do with the API?

Well, lots. The most common use is to display or sync Kumutu suppliers with your own system, but there are loads of other uses. Here's a few we see quite a bit...

  • Automatically sync our activity supplier lists with your own supplier selling system. You can use your own in-house software to sell travel, and then outsource your adventure activity listings to Kumutu.
  • You can build your own website with your own software, then import Kumutu suppliers and activities.
  • If you are a supplier with your own website, use Kumutu as the booking and reservation engine to provide enhanced services.
  • Build an application utilitizing the world's largest set of adventure activity operators and activities.

Getting Started

We've implemented a simple, yet secure way of identifying who you are and which areas of our service you want to work with. Each API request requires a unique API Key. This API Key is available to all Kumutu members. To get your API key:

  1. Create a free Kumutu Account
  2. Visit your Account Dashboard
  3. On the left menu, select Developers

Once you have your key, head over to the API Methods page to view the available methods along with examples on how to access them.

What languages are supported?

You can use almost any programming language that can consume web services to achieve what you are after with the API, and we're continually adding samples in a range of languages to accommodate this. So as long as you are proficient in your language of choice, you should have no problem working with the methods available.

Is there a simpler option?

If you want an even simpler option than using the API, we also have CSV files of activities and supplier that you can open in MS Excel. For more information, see the Advanced Options area of your account.