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Amazing Bike Tours provides unique Adventure Cycling/Mountain Biking Tours in Southern Thailand. Escape the crowds, get off the beaten track and see sights in Asia most tourists never see. Join an Amazing Bike Tour.

The idea behind our trips is t




Koh Yao Expedition Bike Tour

*Koh Yao Expedition*Koh Yao Noi (Little Long Island) and Koh Yao Yai (Big Long Island) are two sleepy islands still enjoying a slow pace...   read more
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Khao Sok & Cheow Lan Lake Adventure

This bike tour will have our guests traveling through three of Thailand’s Southern provinces, Phuket, Phang Nga and Surrathani....   read more
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Krabi Explorer

This Bike trip takes place in Phang Nga and Krabi provinces; two of Thailand’s most beautiful and geographically striking...   read more
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Phuket Countryside by bike

Our popular half day Biking tour in Phuket Island has our guests riding in the north east of Phuket Island, an area known for its small...   read more
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Koh Yao Noi by Bike

Koh Yao Noi (Little Long Island) is a sleepy island still enjoying a slow pace of life located in Phang Nga Bay, only 1 hour’s boat...   read more
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Thai Muang Turtles & Waterfalls

Thai Muang is a small Thai coastal town on the Andaman Coast in between Phuket and Khao Lak, despite having great coast line, deserted...   read more
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Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join our Bike Tours
in Thailand?

Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and ability to
ride a bike. The distances we cover each day are not excessive and if at any
time you legs are feeling tiered just jump in our support vehicle and rest your
legs. (Support vehicle does not follow Koh Yao tours). Our cycling trips are
not about racing, getting there first, the emphasis is taking our time and
taking in the sights along the way. Average cycling speed is 18-25 Km per hour.

Can members of our family/group who do not bike join the

Yes this is possible on our main land tours, non bikers can
join our mini bus and still enjoy the same views; visit the same waterfalls,
beaches, temples and jungles. However please bear in mind it is a bike tour and
this is the main focus, non bikers will need to spend numerous hours in the
mini bus as the others cycle from one destination to the next. Price for non
riders is the same.

What kind of people joins your Bike Tours?

People of various nationalities, ages, race, religion,
background and gender. Every one is welcome to join our tours. The one thing
that every one has in common is their enjoyment of bike riding, the fascination
with traveling, meeting new people and sharing new experiences.

What is the weather like?

is a tropical country with two main seasons (although the seasonal changes vary
depending on the part of Thailand
you are visiting). From November until May it is warm and dry and from June to
October it is warm and wet. If you visit during the rainy season why stay in
your hotel watching the rain, join one of our tours and jump on a bike and
enjoy the tropical rain. Normally the rain only lasts for a short time and the
rain makes the bike trails more fun.

Is it too hot to cycle in Thailand?

 Yes it is warm , that
is why we do most of our cycling in the early morning and late afternoon to
avoid the mid day sun. We try to find a nice waterfall, beach or cool shaded
area to pass the hottest part of the day. Usually when your riding the breeze
helps to keep your cool.

Is it all cycling?

Definitely not, on all of our tours we include some non
cycling activities. Our Koh Yao tour includes a boat trip to some nearby islands;
the boat trip itself provides some fantastic photo opportunities. Our Khao Lak
–Khao Sok tour includes a canoe/kayak trip down the Khao Sok River, listen out for the calls of the
rare Horn Bill birds. Our bike tour that visits Krabi province includes a trek
to Buddha monument perched on a mountain top, not accessible by bike.

However our tours are bike tours, so if you don’t enjoy
cycling this tour is probably not for you.

What kind of bikes do you have?

We use mountain bikes opposed to road bikes as most of our
tours include some off road trails. We have chosen Trek mountain bikes as they
make high quality frames and use only the best components. All of our bikes are
regularly serviced and kept in top condition. To learn more about our bikes
please click here (place link to “About our Bikes page)

Can children join the tour?

On our normal tours the minimum age is 12 years of age, this
is not based on biking difficulty, just group dynamics. Many of the adult
joining our tours are enjoying some time away from the younger kids and socializing
with other adults.

However if you are a family a private family cycling tour
can be arranged.

What is included in the Tour Price?

All meals (some longer tours may include rest days where
only breakfast is included and you are free to discover the local restaurants, see
fact sheet from each tour for meals included), bike hire, accommodation based
on twin share, drinks (excluding alcoholic drinks), extra activities and park
entrance fees that are advertised as part of the tour.

Are there any extra costs?

You pay the advertised tour price and that is it while you
are on the tour with the exception of alcoholic drinks, personal items and
additional tours, activities and restaurants you chose to visit by yourself on
longer tours that include rest days.

You are also responsible for your own air fares, accommodation
and transport before the start of our bike tour and after the completion of our
bike tour.

What are your Booking conditions and payment policies?

 If for any reason we cancel our bike tour you
receive a full refund. If you cancel, the amount that is returned to you
depends on how close it is to the tour departure date.

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