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AbseilingMe™ opened its doors on May 1, 2010, offering a variety of outdoor activities (one of them spectacular-but-doable abseiling) in the mountains of Takasaki, an hour train-ride from Tokyo to the north. Here you can be as active as you like or j




Abseiling :: Rappelling :: Flying Fox :: River Trekking :: Camping :: BBQ

On the day of operation start (May 1, 2010), we set up a rope behind the campsite. A 50-meter long abseil through the woods starting...   read more
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車 :: Car
Paste 〒370-3341群馬県高崎市榛名山町295-5 into your car navigation system or smartphone/keitai. Free parking available. Calculate 2 to 3 hours for one way.

新幹線 :: Shinkansen
Take the 67-minute bullet train from Tokyo to Annakaharuna for 5,120 Yen. If you’re on for a 10:00 am adventure, free pickup at 09:00 am from Annakaharuna station is arranged.

普通列車・バス :: Train/Bus
Take the 90-minute train (Takasaki Line) from Akabane to Takasaki for 1,620 Yen. If you’re on for a 10:00 am adventure, please arrive Takasaki around 08:00 am. Take the 60-minute bus ride from Bus Stop 2 (West Exit) for 970 Yen departing at 08:30 am. Harunasan-machi (also known as Haruna Adventures or Camp Daiju) is your stop (not official bus stop) shortly before Haruna Ginger. Across the parking area (unofficial bus stop), walk the forest path 150 meters up-hills.

Please use hyperdia[dot]com to find your train to Annakaharuna or Takasaki.

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