About Kumutu

Kumutu Illustration

Kumutu means 'to get out there' in Saramaccan, a language of Suriname

Kumutu was started by two adventure sports enthusiasts who wanted to revolutionise the adventure industry. After becoming frustrated with how difficult it was to find and book adventure sports around the world, they saw an opportunity to combine their passion with their technology and web experience.

Kumutu's innovative new system has been developed to give users the ability to search, compare, rate, review and book adventure sports in some of the most exhilarating, unique or convenient locations in the world, based on impartial reviews from like-minded people.

Kumutu acts as a bridge between the thousands of adventure operators who want to share their activities with the world and potential customers who want to find their next adrenaline fix:

  • On a gap year in New Zealand and Australia? Search Kumutu for all the most exciting activities in those countries including whitewater rafting in Queenstown, horseback riding in the outback or surfing in Queensland.
  • Want something to do at the weekend? Search Kumutu for all the adventure activities in your local region.
  • Love scuba diving? Find all the best operators from around the world.
Where is Kumutu now?

Well, we have over a thousand adventure providers on our system from over 50 countries and more and more people visiting the website each day. Recently, we shut down our main office and have a team of remote workers. We are always looking for me.

Operators on Kumutu

We are just as passionate about providing a great platform for operators to showcase their adventure activities as we are about people seeing them. Kumutu offers operators - from large sailing companies with a fleet of boats to small dive shops with a single guide - the chance to create their own profile on Kumutu.com with information, ratings and reviews, photos and videos, Twitter feeds, live weather widgets and more, all for free. You even get a great URL (e.g. kumutu.com/daves-diving) so you can send customers directly to this without needing your own website. Unlike many other companies, we are completely transparent with your name so customers know exactly who you are. Kumutu is a great marketing platform and will be seen by thousands of potential customers every day. We think it's worth saying twice, so just to repeat, all this is free!

Once you have signed up to your free Kumutu account, you can choose to upgrade to the Pro or Plus+ price plans which have enhanced support, more features, priority in search results, links to your website and contact details, more information and greater customisation. See the Kumutu Price Plan.

In the coming months we are developing a booking system so if you choose to, users can book your activities directly from Kumutu. See the page on Booking Rates to find out more.


One of the beauties of our website is that other companies have taken a keen interest in the activities we have on offer and have expressed an interest in selling them through their websites. This opens up the opportunity to sell activities through multiple mediums including travel agencies, travel sites and travel technology partners. Good for us, good for you and good for the affiliates. See the Affiliates page for more information.

Coming soon...
The Kumutu Foundation

We have founded The Kumutu Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps to give back something to the communities in which we enjoy doing our adventure sports. In addition to this we are trying to develop and share our knowledge of the adventure sports industry.

The Kumutu Foundation currently supports and accepts donations for the The Peduli Anak Foundation located in Lombok, Indonesia. Peduli Anak is a non-profit international foundation fighting for the rights of street children in developing countries by providing them shelter, education, and health care.

The future...

As we look to the future we have grand plans for Kumutu. As well as developing a booking system, we are intent on creating the best adventure community on the web where anyone, whether mountain biker, scuba diver or whitewater rafter can help us find the best, most unique, interesting or extreme activity out there, by rating, reviewing, comparing, discussing, blogging and tweeting all about the adventure operators around the world.

Where we are located

Our corporate office is located in the heart of Southern California. Next time you are in the area, stop by and say hello

'Adventure is not outside man; it is within' George Eliot